Alchemy Coffee Lab​​​​​​​
*this project was a personal project and not a case study for a real business
The Problem : 

Create a brand identity for a fictional coffee shop named, 'Alchemy Coffee Lab'. This business will be opening soon and will be hosting a grand opening event. 
Alchemy Coffee Lab is a classic cafe offering a boutique experience. It strives to deliver handcrafted quality with a modern, yet vintage feel, while providing a comfortable experience for those who want to work or study. Alchemy’s in-house bakery serves fresh-baked goods all day long for breakfast, lunch and small bites. 
Alchemy strives to deliver the classic cafe experience with hand-crafted skills and fresh-baked goods; grounded in a culture of service to the locals and the visitors alike.
The landing page is to announce the grand-opening of the cafe, secondly it hopes to add as many people as possible to the mailing list by incentivizing at sign up. Alchemy is trying to reach locals in the neighborhood, as well as young professionals, students and tourists.
The purpose of the design is to deliver information about a new cafe using the appropriate scheme to reflect all marketing, branding and decor. There are two key actions, the user should take:

- To view information on (and attend) the grand opening event of the cafe.
- To sign up for the mailing list.
Some research was completed before even putting pen to paper. I identified the type of clientele the business would like to attract and built personas around that archetype. Some time was also spent designing a logo for the brand. I chose to use a Chemex brewer as the logo as Chemex brewers are a kind of boutique experience and represent a kind of edgy and boutique coffee experience. 
I began laying down a rough wireframe to represent the landing page. As pretty standard landing page, not many revisions were needed at this point to properly convey the information.
I created a brand style guide to lock in the design in case of future need, further web development, for example, or perhaps even digital and print materials. 
The Solution : 

Alchemy Coffee Labs delivers the classic coffee shop experience with an edge. High-quality, hand-crafted drinks and pastries meet urban-chic digs and rock n’ roll.

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