Moien : A Food Truck App
*This was a final project done for school however it has evolved and has been developed further into an application named 'Snackhound'. It was entirely a solo project, from conception to design. Although it was never developed or deployed, Moien was taken through the entire design process including persona development and user research and I am quite proud of the work I put into it. 

The research shows that it's viability as a real world application is there, which is why I took it further with a team to develop a functioning mobile application.
Moien is a food truck tracking app that will allow the user to discover, locate and order meals from food trucks in the area!
The Problem : 

To create a mobile application that can track and locate local food trucks and allow the user to order directly and navigate to the truck for pick-up.
The Solution : 

Moien delivers functionality in a clean and efficient way with the use of a simple on-boarding system to quickly explain the ordering process. Implementing big, colorful buttons in a flat design, gives the user the opportunity to track, search, favorite, review and most importantly, order with minimal fuss. 
User Research : 

In order to understand where to begin, research was necessary. It was important to know who Moien's potential users would be as well as identify any potential competitors. I conducted a survey asking a series of questions about what people wanted to see in an app like Moien. I distributed the survey through user testing sites, as well as via social media : Facebook, Slack, Twitter & Reddit. 

Through the survey, I learned that 81% of people questioned use apps to order food. They appreciate the ease of use and convenience such applications afford, but would like to have more options with less confusing functionality. 
Know Your User : 

Using the gathered data, I identified who Moien's average users would be. With this information, I created 3 unique user personas that would guide me in developing the usability of this application. 
Know Your Competitor : 

I also gathered information on any competitors that offered a similar service. Very few apps offered the content that Moien promised to deliver. 
Information Architecture : 

After gathering the necessary data, it was time to begin developing the user stories that would guide me during the interaction design of the app. With what I knew about my users using the personas and the information I gathered about what Moien's competitors did well and well and what the didn't, I put together some user stories of what users wanted in such an application.

Finally, I put together a flowchart to manage the process of moving though the appplication before beginning thinking about the visual aesthetics of the app itself.  
Visual Design : 

Finally, I took these ideas to the sketchbook to flesh out the visual look of the app. I created a series of sketches for icons, a logo and some illustrations that I wanted to include in the on-boarding process

I used mindmaps to begin brainstorming ideas for the logo and decided a tagline would be necessary as the logo itself wasn't very descriptive about what Moien actually means. 

Afterwards, I began to think about color and typography.

Live Prototype : 

Here is a live prototype that you can attempt to work through.
In Conclusion : 

In conclusion, some aspects of Moien didn't make the cut. I imagined an application filled with gesture-implemented processes, but after extensive user-testing, this proved to be too confusing for most users. I wasn't surprised that the flat design and big, colorful buttons proved easy to use and well-received, or that the card system worked well.

This application has actually evolved into a full developed and functional app called 'Snackhound' that can be found on my portfolio website. Snackhound is ready and able to become a live app if the interest is there. 

Thanks for checking out this case study. If you'd like to learn more about me, or to work with me on future projects, feel free to contact me!

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