Talkii : an AAC certified communication tool for people with special needs
*this is a real-world, on-going project for our sister compant, SOVI Solutions. The brand existed before I began working for JYMBE, but I used the existing logo to create a visual identity for the brand. This included not only designing the website, but also creating the graphic design and motion graphics for the Google Play store, and the package design for the box that will contain the actual device.
*the logo existed prior to my signing on with SOVI/JYMBE, but served as inspiration for my design of the visual identity for Talkii
Talkii is both an application available on Android (so far) and a tablet/phone combo that gives non-verbal people the tools necessary to communicate (an AAC device) using pictograms. The pictograms are already pre-existing images and illustrations approved for use with AAC technology. 

I was initially challenged with designing a website for Talkii. As usual, I began in pen and paper, but quickly moved into Xd to prototype my design
*the Talkii website, as well as the application and tools, are available in several languages
After having finished the website, it was time to begin creating the graphic design necessary to advertise Talkii on the Google Play store. I was tasked with creating the initial image carousel that is necessary for all apps in the store, but instead of a feature image, I decided I wanted to create a feature video instead. 

For the carousel, I created a series of screen shots implement what would be come to be known as the "Talkii shapes" to create fluidity and draw the eye across the screen
Using After Effects, I created a short "feature video" to showcase what Talkii can do. It was important to keep it short, simple and effective.
Now that Talkii had an officially visual identity on the web and on Google Play, it was time to focus on it's social media. I had a hand in creating the Facebook banner and it's Facebook carousel to share information about the app. 
*it's important for a Facebook banner to keep the information concise and as centered as possible to fit various screen widths
Finally, Talkii is an actual product that requires a package. Using specific dimensions, I designed the package that will hold the tablet with the pre-loaded app and, for those that order it, the paired smartphone for use with the tablet. 
Talkii is a fun project to work on, it's also rewarding to know that your work will benefit people. This is an on-going project that will continue to evolve as time goes on.

The live website can be found at :

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