El Magico : Steakhouse & Sweethouse in Luxembourg City
* this design didn't make the cut, but elements of it were used in the menu and on the business cards
*El Magico is a new steakhouse that has opened up here in Luxembourg. I had the pleasure on being part of the team to create El Magico's brand, both digitally and in the real world. 
The first step with this project was to create a website. This website needed to showcase what El Magico will provide : not just a boutique steakhouse experience, but also an in-house bakery providing hand-crafted desserts. These were contrasting ideas and it was decided that a sort of dual landing page, where the user can choose what part of the business they were interested in would be necessary. 

While waiting for the my colleague to finish developing my design, I was tasked with helping with the creating of some print materials. The client requested business cards, a flyer to pass out in the mail, a billboard design and a beach flag design. Some of the designs took several iterations before approval by the client.
*the billboard
We also designed their social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. 
*banner v1
*banner v2
A series of facebook posts were created
The live website can be found at www.elmagico.lu

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