YOKOSO! Home-made Onigiri
* a small motion graphic to be used for social media, created by my colleague
My team was approached by a client opening a small Onigiri shop here in Luxembourg. They were in need of a complete branding project, from the ground up. I was tasked with the initial branding : logo creation, print materials, window décor and menu
Yokoso needed a series of stickers for each of the flavors of onigiri that they will serve. They went through a series of iterations, using icons from Icons8 and Adobe Stock. Color was important to make it easy to tell the difference between the flavors. It was also important to specify which flavors were vegetarian and/or vegan.
A large image for their window was also requested.
Using what I designed for the stickers, I created vinyl prints for the exterior windows. These included the logo and the Japanese-style wave illustrations I created for the stickers. Next, it was time to begin creating a large menu for the wall of their restaurant.

They specifically requested to display the onigiri spread out on the branches of a cherry tree filled with cherry blossoms. I thought it would be nice to display the menu in a boxed layout similar to the Shoji blinds that can be found in traditional Japanese homes. 
* the menu for the restaurant
*I created a small placeholder for social media and the website, this design was carried on to business cards and print materials.
Using my initial designs as inspiration, my team took it further to create some flyers, business cards and a wireframe for a website that is still under construction.
My colleague handled the remainder of the project, creating a cohesive social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. 
The final step was a website for the restaurant. My colleague created a wireframe using Xd. Once approval has been given, development will begin.

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