SmileNow : Teeth Whitening bar in Luxembourg
I created the entire visual identity for a new business here in Luxembourg called 'SmileNow'. I worked from designing their logo, aiding in creating their social media presence, and designing various print materials; I also designed and then developed their website.

Their logo went through many iterations and started on paper, until finally landing on a simple type logo with a visual element in the O that hints at a smile.

Most of the project was done solely by me, but I was helped at times with my creative manager who made some small changes and added some additional graphic design products.
*The logo evolved much over the span of a few weeks and a handful of meetings with the client.
Luxembourg's premier teeth-whitening bar
*Adobe Stock proved to be invaluable for this project, obviously there are many pictures of smiling people, but also images available of tooth whitening for use in the wireframe.
The client also requested a number of print materials prior to their grand opening. I created a brochure and a flyer for their business. Due to the multi-cultural reality of Luxembourg, a challenge presented itself : How best to display 2 languages on a brochure and a flyer?

For the brochure, due to large amount of text, we decided it would be best to make a French version and an English version.
I also created a 3 fold flyer to display package prices, while implementing both English and French on the same flyer. 
Using my designs, we created a series of business cards for the client as well :
After creating the graphic design for print, it was time to focus on graphic design for digital. We offer a social media package that included creating a profile avatar for both Facebook and Instagram. The package also included a Facebook banner, digital carousels, Instagram stories and several posts.
*a facebook profile banner was necessary and it is important to provide the contact information right away
*a profile picture was necessary for their social media presence on Facebook & Instagram
Facebook carousels are useful for telling a story, or providing information. Or sometimes both!
Several initial posts were created to provide content for their social media. They needed to be short, informational and memorable. I hoped to provide interest while keeping the posts easy to read and understand.
Finally, it was time to begin creating the website. I worked in pen and paper to create the wireframes and then using Xd, I put together a clickable prototype. After the prototype was approved, I began building and developing the site using HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript (and its frameworks) as well as a few other technologies.
*some changes were made to the wireframe before development. 
SmileNow was a pleasure to work on and I'm quite proud of the result. The live website and business can be found at :

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